Welcome to Wrapinez

We are getting busier, are working more and spending less time together at the table. We know less and less about food, seasons, origin and each other ... But everyone who prepares and serves food and drinks has a higher purpose. "Eating in a restaurant is not just about filling the stomach, it's about feeding the soul."

We build a bridge between happiness and good food. In a place that makes you happy, we serve delicious and healthy food and drinks at low prices. You only have to unwrap it yourself ...

It's time for Wrapinez, good mood food!


Choose your Wrapinez

Combine several dishes into one meal.


Pin only

At our payment terminals, you simply pay yourself via WraPINez ONLY.


Eat and enjoy!

Feed your stomach and soul in a place that will make you happy.

Off-taste guarantee

With Wrapinez the off-taste guarantee applies ... not nice, nice exchange. Of course we are curious what you don't like about it, but you can always trade for another wrap. Because tastes differ and we have not only created the obvious wraps for you ... We hope to tempt you to make the not always safe choice, so it remains always exciting at Wrapinez. Anyway, the most important thing is that you have a nice meal with us, because we look forward to seeing you again!


At Wrapinez it is wraPINonly, so GRAB a wrap, SCAN, GO in a minute. After all, life is too great to stand in line!